PLS Principal

Joyce is the coordinating Principal specifically responsible for the management of the Survey and Environmental Groups. She has been with GLM Engineering Consultants, Inc. since 1984.

In addition to her management responsibilities, she also actively participates in the completion of a variety of engineering projects at GLM Engineering Consultants Inc. Her areas of expertise include state and local environmental permitting for residential, commercial and public projects, wetland consultation including wetland, soil, and site evaluations, and review of all land surveying projects performed by the Survey Group.

University of Maine at Orono

B.S., Forestry, 1980

Northeastern University

B.S., Cum Laude, Civil Engineering, 1993



Rob is the coordinating Principal responsible for managing the Civil Engineering Group. He has been with GLM Engineering Consultants, Inc. since 1987.

At GLM Engineering Consultants, Inc., Mr. Truax actively participates in the management of a variety of projects in both the public and private sectors. He is responsible for taking civil engineering projects from initial concepts into design development and through project implementation and completion. Project examples include commercial and residential subdivision projects and septic system designs for smaller single-family residential dwellings up to larger commercial projects including utilizing alternative technologies.

In addition to his management responsibilities, Mr. Truax is also responsible for a variety of engineering projects. He is thoroughly familiar with the federal, state and local permitting processes necessary to bring a project from inception to completion. His main areas of expertise include project coordination and design, site evaluation, site grading, utility design, and storm water design. He is also adept at using engineering software including the Soil Conservation Service TR-55 and TR-20 methods of computing storm water runoff.

Wentworth Institute of Technology
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1986


Senior Project Surveyor

Dana has been with GLM Engineering Consultants Inc. since 1983. With over 25 years of extensive survey experience he efficiently coordinates the technical aspects of the Survey Group’s projects including the research, field work, calculations, and computer drafting necessary to bring survey projects from inception to completion.

Dana has advanced through the ranks at GLM, from transit person, to survey chief, and survey field supervisor, to Senior Project Surveyor responsible for the timely completion of various survey projects. His areas of expertise include property line configurations, land court surveys, lot configurations, topographic mapping, roadway alignment, roadway detail, construction layout and GPS.

In addition, he is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of survey fieldwork at GLM including total stations, data collectors, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and automatic levels. He also has an in-depth knowledge of all computer programs utilized for survey projects including AutoCAD Land Development Desktop.

Dana’s project experience is extensive and ranges from small private residential surveys and subdivisions to large scale private, industrial and municipal projects.

Blue Hills Technical Institute, 1983

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